Why Black Pepper Deserves a Place in Your Wellness Routine

black pepper essential oil benefits

Herbs and spices can work wonders for our well-being, but black pepper is the unsung hero we all need to know more about. Here’s how to work it into your wellness routine.

by Grace Olivia Parry

When it comes to supporting your well-being routine, there are plenty of natural foods that fit the bill, including many herbs and spices. Among these, back pepper — a powerful spice used daily all over the world  — can take your wellness efforts to the next level.  

Dubbed the king of spices, black pepper is the fruit of the Piper nigrum, a flowering vine native to India.

This simple yet zingy spice is a kitchen essential for many of us, yet its health benefits are lesser-known.

Let’s dig into the details and uncover just exactly why this special little spice deserves a prized place in your wellness routine — and how to include it.

The Benefits of Black Pepper Oil

As tasty as this spice can be when added to the many meals you make, it contains a wealth of health benefits, too. Black pepper is high in antioxidants, thanks to the potency of the plant compound piperine found within it. Antioxidants are fantastic at fighting off the damage caused by free radicals in the body.

Not only that, but piperine may also improve brain function, balance out blood sugar and help to lower cholesterol levels, too, making it all the more appealing as a welcomed addition to your wellness routine. Plus, consuming black pepper can help with a healthy digestive system, gut health and even boost how well nutrients, such as curcumin (the compound that makes turmeric so powerful), are absorbed in the body.

Traditional Uses in Ayurveda

The benefits of black pepper have been known for centuries, and have long been incorporated into Ayurveda

Traditionally, black pepper oil is used in the herbal blend trikatu, which works with the body internally and on skin issues. As Ayurveda focuses on diet and nourishing the body with the right ingredients, the many combinations that use black pepper could be useful for a range of ailments you’re looking to remedy. Specifically, black pepper is used to strengthen the Pitta dosha which covers digestion, detoxification and metabolism.

When used within the diet, it can be used as a single ingredient or with something like honey or ghee up to 2 grams daily. However, it’s also great to add to soups, juices and smoothies and as a replacement for chilli in your cooking.

How to Increase Your Black Pepper Intake

Spicing up your wellness routine with this antioxidant must-have doesn’t just mean sprinkling a little black pepper on every single meal.

If you’re looking for a next level wellness boost, black pepper essential oil could be exactly what you need. Both The Root Of It All's RECOVER and REWIND products take advantage of this powerful spice. RECOVER focuses on soothing muscles from the inside out by supporting relaxation, whereas REWIND focuses more on restoring and renewing the body from the outside in. 

Black pepper, whether in the form of an essential oil or  simply as the spice itself, boasts many health benefits. From calming and rejuvenating the body to finding a balance with wellness, it’s time to fortify your life with a lot more black pepper.

Grace Olivia Parry is a freelance writer with a penchant for Paris, cake and cricket. When she’s not writing about wellness, she’s reading, running or attempting to write her first novel. 









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