CBD Tinctures: What They Are and How to Use Them

how to use tinctures

A CBD tincture is an effective way to ingest essential oils and other balance-boosting herbs. Here we break down the best way to use them.

by Kimberly Tronic 

For centuries, the hemp plant has been celebrated for its restorative and therapeutic properties. In the last couple of years, CBD in particular has gained a lot of attention. From news stories to articles to social media, CBD suddenly burst onto the media’s radar, acclaimed for its perceived ability to help with occasional discomfort management, muscle tension and other afflictions without inducing the high feeling brought on by traditional cannabis products.

The cannabis plant has hundreds of unique compounds called cannabinoids. CBD (short for cannabidiol) and THC (short for tetrahydrocannabinol) are two of the commonly known compounds you’ve seen in many forms: oils, lotions, capsules, edibles and vaping.

While each form of CBD has its own advantages, tinctures are acclaimed for their ease of use, quick absorption and remedy for everyday conditions.

Below is a guide to help you better understand CBD tinctures.

What Is A Tincture, Anyway? 

Tinctures can come in many forms, and have been used for centuries as effective ways to ingest essential oils and other medicinal herbs. A CBD tincture in particular is a potent liquid extract of hemp. Tinctures are made by extracting the CBD from the hemp flowers and blending them with a carrier oil (like MCT or avocado oil) to promote absorption. At The Root of it All, we have taken this process a step further by formulating our tinctures around specific Ayurvedic essential oils, which work to amplify the beneficial effects of the CBD and naturally provide a pleasing flavor. 

Do Tinctures Get You High? 

It can depend on the ingredients included in the particular tincture you are taking, which is why it is important to always carefully read the label. 

But simply stated, tinctures that only feature CBD will not get you high. Despite their identical molecular structure, CBD and THC have a different effect on your body: CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning you will not feel high, and THC is psychoactive, meaning you will. CBD is believed to possess the same perceived healing benefits as THC, but without inducing the “stoned” sensation. That said, some people do report feeling a subtle “body high,” or feeling of relaxation. 

How To Use Tinctures

The beauty of tinctures is their simplicity.Taking a tincture sublingually (placing the liquid under your tongue and holding it for 2 minutes before swallowing) lets you feel the effects rapidly, in about fifteen minutes.

With the sublingual consumption method, the mucous membranes in your mouth absorb the tincture, which then travels through your arteries to your brain, bypassing your digestive system entirely. You can also drop the desired amount of liquid directly into your mouth and swallow, but the absorption will be slower. 

In terms of dosing, your ideal amount depends on certain factors that vary for everyone (body chemistry, body weight, the specific condition you’re aiming to treat). Always start small and gradually increase your intake.

How Not To Use Tinctures

You’ve likely seen CBD pop up in everything from lattes and mocktails to smoothies, and considering the vast array of CBD-infused edibles, it may seem logical to add your tinctures to water, tea or foods. Unfortunately, mixing CBD tinctures this way will dilute their potency and ultimately reduce the effects. It can also delay the onset of CBD’s effects and changes the way the body processes it (because it will go through the digestive tract instead of being absorbed into the bloodstream).To harness the full benefits of your tinctures, consume them sublingually.

Why Use Tinctures

With all of the CBD products on the market, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and wonder which option is best for you. Tinctures offer certain perks as a method of consumption:

  • You quickly feel the effects: tinctures swiftly diffuse into your bloodstream through the membranes in your mouth, versus edibles which need to work their way through your digestive system and may take a couple of hours to kick in.
  • Precise dosing: you can easily monitor the amount you’re taking with the bottle’s built-in dropper. Ingesting tinctures in carefully measured quantities gives you rigorous control and lets you increase dosage as you desire.
  • Supporting good health: edibles often have a high sugar or calorie content, and smoking/ vaping may add stress to your lungs, while tinctures steer clear of these matters.
  • Discretion: where there’s no smoke, there’s no odor; plus you’re keeping your lungs out of the equation.
  • Long shelf life: when stored properly in a cool, dark space, tinctures can maintain their potency and avoid degradation for an extended period of time.

A comprehensive approach to your health means making an effort to eat well, exercise, rest, nurture your mind/ body with plant-based treatments and utilize practices like Ayurveda. But even with a high level of dedication to wellness, we may sometimes feel drained, depleted or run down from life’s obstacles.

A clean, plant-based remedy like CBD tinctures can naturally revitalize your body; ease stress; and promote restoration, balance and tranquility.

If you’re looking to upgrade your self-care routine, go holistic and try incorporating a CBD tincture. A consistent dose of CBD in your daily wellness practice can have a powerful therapeutic effect and truly rejuvenate and revive your body and mind. At The Root of It All, we’ve carefully formulated our tinctures to combine the best of CBD and Ayurvedic essential oils, allowing you to pick a tincture that provides the targeted support you need — whether it be easing digestion, calming a busy mind, or gearing yourself up for the day ahead. 

Kimberly Tronic is an author, copywriter and content creator. She enjoys coffee, cleaning her apartment, cats, and nibbling on pencils.





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