How to Build a Routine that Clears Brain Fog

how to get rid of brain fog

Everyone’s mind gets a little fuzzy sometimes, but if you feel consistently unfocused or unable to pay attention, it’s time to learn how to get rid of brain fog. Here are 8 ways to change your lifestyle to get your mind clear and your focus on track.

by Scott Wirth

The modern world is full of distractions. All the devices and apps you use are constantly competing for your attention with rings, pings, alerts, and alarms — to the point that it can seem impossible to unplug. But even the most disciplined minds can get fuzzy at times, which can sap your ability to focus and make everything seem a little…foggy. 

So how do you get rid of brain fog?

Like with all things wellness, there’s no one answer — but there are many ways you can adjust your lifestyle to help clear out the cobwebs and lift the fog from your brain.

Here are eight activities, life hacks, and natural remedies — like The Root Of It All CBD products — that can help support a sharper mind and get you back on task. 

1. Start Early

Establishing routines can be extremely helpful to your daily energy and focus levels. Begin each day the same way: with a nice, gentle, full-body stretch to awaken your body and brain. Opening up your body helps dust off the last remnants of the previous night’s sleep, increasing your blood flow and circulation means more blood and oxygen pumping into your brain, which will help you start each day off on the right foot.

2. Start Small

Speaking of feet — start your stretching from the ground up by pointing and flexing your toes and feet, then slowly rotating your ankles around in both directions. From there, lift those hands to the ceiling and reach for the sky, then do the same rotations with your wrists before gently rolling your neck back and forth. See what works best for you, like stretching your jaw or massaging your temples, until your whole body feels warmed up and activated.

3. Stay Active

Now that you’re stretched and warmed up, you’ll be ready for some more involved activity. Just 20 minutes of moderate cardio each day will do wonders for your mind and memory, as well as your body and spirit. Try turning that morning stretch into a quick yoga session, or get outside on a bike or even a brisk walk to give yourself a big boost of energy for the entire day. 

If you have access to a gym or other workout equipment, you can switch it up each day so you never get bored of one activity and can keep yourself stimulated throughout the week. Anything that gets your heart rate going is how you can get rid of brain fog, so try rotating from walking on the treadmill to the elliptical to the stairclimber, with some laps in the pool or a group fitness class thrown in to keep yourself accountable.

4. Clear Your Mind with Natural Remedies

There are numerous natural herbs, spices and botanicals that can help you and your body learn how to get rid of brain fog. Humans have used Ayurvedic herbs and plants to enhance their wellness for thousands of years, and those traditional methods are part of what make The Root of It All CBD products so special. 

For example, GO is an Ayurvedic tincture that blends our potent CBD with natural energy-boosting ingredients like ginger, rosemary and cardamom to help support your productivity and get you moving. Add a dose of GO to your morning routine to help cut through the fog and give your body what it naturally needs to operate at its best.  

5. Feed Your Body

Studies show that inflammation may have a negative impact on your focus, and a good way to avoid inflammation is to monitor everything that goes into your body. That means reducing or removing things like refined sugars, fried foods, and red meat from your diet. Add anti-inflammatory foods like tomatoes, olive oil, leafy green vegetables and anything rich in OMEGA-3 fatty acids, like nuts and fish. 

6. Find your Balance

Many fresh berries are rich in antioxidants as well — but make sure to shape your new diet slowly to avoid any unpleasant reactions to foods you may not typically eat. Try taking our SETTLE tincture to help balance your stomach with Ayurvedic ingredients like ginger, lemon, and peppermint, plus our natural hemp CBD, to support a normally-balanced digestive system. 

7. Free Your Mind

All these strategies will help you establish a solid foundation for focus each day. From there, start to consider the biggest distractions and time sucks in your daily life and work to eliminate them entirely. When it’s time to focus, set yourself up for success by turning off notifications on your devices, muting alerts, and avoiding social media and other visual content that can derail you. 

Experiment to discover the things that do keep you on track — like music in your headphones (without lyrics, if possible) or even certain scents and fragrances linked to memory and brain waves, like cinnamon, lavender or coffee beans. That’s right: No need to drink the java, just the aroma will do.

8. Surrender to Sleep

Now that you’ve ridden a wave of productivity and positivity, the key is making sure you’re ready to do it again the next day. If you’re wondering how to get rid of brain fog for good, the answer may lie in restful, refreshing sleep. Lack of sleep saps your energy, diminishes your focus, and can make concentration and attention even tougher to achieve. 

Dedicate yourself to better sleep by giving yourself a bedtime and making sure you start to wind down early each evening. Ayurvedic botanicals like chamomile, valerian root, and lavender blend perfectly with the hemp CBD in our STOP tincture, and can help ease you into a good night’s sleep the natural and gentle way. 

Too much sleep can also cause brain fog, so set an alarm each night and wake up each morning with a vigorous, full-body stretch — then get ready to start your routine all over again, and feel the fog lift from your mind.

Fight the Fog

We all suffer from brain fog from time to time, but if you find your mind clouded more often than not, these simple steps will help you feel sharp all day long. Engage your body, stimulate your mind, and support your focus with The Root Of It All CBD products, and soon you will be clear-headed and fog-free for every task at hand. 



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