Self Care is for Men, Too. Here's where to Start Building a Routine

self care for men

Men are often left out of the self-care conversation, at the cost of mental, emotional and physical well-being. Read on to learn our complete guide to self-care for men.

by James Han

Though the self-care industry reached 11 billion dollars in 2018, men are often left out of the conversation when it comes to self-care and wellness.

With an even greater emphasis on at-home regimens and techniques in 2020 as stress levels in the U.S. reached record highs, it’s never been more important for everyone — especially men — to find ways to practice better self-care in their day-to-day routines.

In this essential guide to self-care for men, we’ll lay out the groundwork to help you start a simple and effective self-care routine that complements your existing lifestyle for greater balance.

Why Every Man Needs a Self-Care Routine

At its core, self-care is simply your ability to maintain your mental, emotional and physical well-being without the support of a healthcare provider. This can be as fundamental as eating a balanced diet, exercising daily and getting enough sleep, but in our modern age of rampant stress, distractions and responsibilities, you may find yourself needing to go a bit further to stay healthy on your own. When it comes to men’s self-care habits, data paints a worrisome picture. Sixty-five percent of men avoid going to the doctor, and the National Center for Health Statistics reports that men live about five years fewer than women, on average. In 2017, men were also 3.54 times more likely to commit suicide, and they are less likely to reach out for help. With these numbers in mind, it’s clear that men are in need of sustainable and compassionate ways to prioritize their health.

5 Ways to Start a Self-Care Routine

With many self-care products, articles and books marketed toward women, it makes sense that you might be unsure where to begin with your personal self-care practice. The good news is that there’s no formula that works for everybody — you’ll get to experiment with different outlets and activities, find your favorites and try new ones when you’re looking to change up your routine. 

Taking care of your health starts from the inside out, and adding beneficial botanicals like essential oils and CBD can have a major impact on your wellness. The beauty of blends like The Root of It All’s tinctures for relaxation, energy, sleep, digestion and sports recovery is that they can be added to pretty much any part of your day to help you find the benefits you’re looking for. We’ve included some tips below to help you integrate essential oils and CBD into your self-care routine. 

1. Get Moving

It’s no secret that exercise releases endorphins and can do wonders for your mood, metabolism and overall health, but it’s easy to make an excuse to skip your next workout when you’re stuck in a rote, mechanical gym cycle. By all means, don’t stop lifting weights — but finding alternative ways to add movement into your routine when you’re feeling sluggish or tired can keep you motivated. Try taking a boxing class, going on an outdoor run or doing a couple of stress-busting yoga poses.

Amplify your workouts: Muscle soreness can slow you down during your workouts and keep you from hitting your goals. To promote muscle health and relieve soreness before your exercise routine (or after a strenuous session), take a dropperful of RECOVER, loaded with turmeric, black pepper, clove and hemp CBD, or REWIND muscle rub to targeted areas of your skin.

2. Up Your Skincare Game

Your skin is your largest organ, and even though men’s skin tends to have more collagen and elastin than women’s, it’s still important to take care of it with a quick-and-easy regimen. Keeping a youthful luster and having clear, radiant skin are just the perks of daily maintenance — at root, your skincare routine is meant to keep your skin free of grime and protected from the sun. To get started, all you need are a good face cleanser, moisturizer and SPF. If you want to treat yourself, getting an exfoliant, beard oil and serum are great ways to elevate your regimen.

Amplify your skincare game: Experiencing dry or distressed skin? You can easily up your skincare game by applying a soothing layer of REPAIR to any affected areas. Made with cucumber, sage and aloe vera — and amplified with CBD — it’s a great way to hydrate your pores without greasiness.

3. Meditate

It’s getting harder and harder to find a still moment in today’s hectic world, but doing so can help you manage your stress more effectively. If the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “meditation” is sitting cross-legged in silence, don’t worry — there are plenty of other ways to enter a meditative state (though sitting in silence is also great, if that’s your jam). Whether it’s playing video games or shooting hoops with a bit more mindfulness, or simply carving out some quiet time to sit in your backyard, away from your devices, meditation can help you tune in to your body and mind and tune out the noise of the world around you.

Amplify your meditation: Find a pocket of peace in your busy day by taking a dropperful of SLOW, made with sweet fennel, basil and orange essential oils as well as CBD. Perfect before you meditate or do a yoga session.

4. Pick Up a New Book

Checking your phone for the latest news updates or crypto prices doesn’t have to be the only reading you do. In fact, picking up a new book comes with a host of benefits for your brain, including improved neural connectivity, stress reduction and prevention of cognitive decline. It can also be a great way to become more emphatic and learn new vocabulary words — skills you can apply to your everyday life. Even squeezing in half an hour of reading during your lunch break or before you switch off the lights for bed can make a difference. Not sure what to read? Check out this article on 50 books every man should read once in his life.

Amplify your reading: Want to finally finish a book that’s been sitting on your nightstand? Our CBD-free essential oil focus blend, GO, can energize your senses and help you power through its pages.

5. Get Creative — With Your Hands

It’s always good to have at least one hobby outside of work, but starting a creative project can be a great way to learn better problem-solving skills, increase your attention span and feel less stressed. While painting and drawing are fantastic ways to get your creative juices flowing, there are endless DIY projects to try. If you have the space, brush up on your woodworking skills and construct a table, TV stand or bar tray for your home. Or you can start growing your own vegetables to add to your weekly meal prep rotations.

Amplify your creativity: Spending a Saturday getting creative in your workshop or backyard? Take the CBD-version of GO for a dose of focused, calm energy derived from ginger, cardamom, rosemary and hemp CBD. 

Final Thoughts on Self-Care for Men

There’s no way we could have shared all of our self-care strategies and recommendations here, but as you get started on your journey, pay attention to how you’re feeling. What brings you greater happiness, joy, energy and calm — and how can you cultivate that in your daily life? As you explore more ways to integrate the techniques that work for you into your routine, you’ll start to notice that you’re living up to your full potential and feeling more balanced and healthy — and that’s a huge feat in and of itself.

James Han is a writer, editor and content strategist based in Los Angeles. When he’s not deep in a Google Doc, you can find him reading, watching films and taking long walks.


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