The Beginner’s Guide to CBD

what does cbd feel like

New to CBD? In this article, we'll break down what you need to know to start incorporating the powerful plant into your routine.

by Erica Garza

If you’ve never tried CBD before, it’s normal to have some questions (or anxieties) about what to expect, how much you should take and how to find the best product for you.

As the research into CBD’s possible health benefits continues to emerge — ranging from stress relief to immune support — there are so many reasons to explore this unique cannabinoid and find out how it can make a difference in your well being. 

Whether you’ve never taken CBD before or you’ve used it only a handful of times, use our beginner’s guide to learn how this crucial component to the cannabis plant interacts with your body and discover CBD’s many purported health benefits to decide which product is right for you.

How Does CBD Interact With Your Body?

CBD differs from THC, the other dominant active ingredient found in cannabis plants, in one obvious way: It will not get you high. This is why we use hemp to source our CBD, as it is naturally low in THC and high in CBD. 

This crucial difference is rooted in the way our body’s natural systems interact with CBD. CBD taps into the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is responsible for helping our body stay balanced in response to external environmental factors. The ECS regulates everything from body temperature and hormones to digestion, mood and memory. While THC binds to specific receptors in the body to produce psychoactive and physiological effects, CBD inhibits endocannabinoid signaling to increase what is known as anandamide, or the bliss molecule. This unique interaction allows CBD to ignite a range of therapeutic effects, whether it is taken orally, sublingually or topically.

What Does CBD Feel Like?

Since CBD does not produce psychoactive effects, you won’t get that hazy or euphoric sensation most often associated with cannabis when taken as an isolate. THC is largely responsible for those psychoactive effects. While you won’t feel mentally high, some users of CBD have described the experience as a “body high.” The health benefits your body may feel include:

The exact effects you’ll feel when taking CBD can depend upon a host of factors, including the type of CBD and the other ingredients included in the tincture, capsule, or vape you are taking. For example, The Root of It All’s tinctures feature Ayurvedic essential oils infused with CBD, allowing our products to target specific ailments like sleeplessness or stress.

No matter how you choose to incorporate CBD into your routine, it’s always a good idea to start out with a small dosage and increase gradually to see how the product works for you.

How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System? 

There is not enough research to confirm how long CBD stays in your system, though some say 2-5 days is a safe range. The answer depends on a number of factors, such as whether or not there were other cannabinoids present in the oil. If you’re taking an oil containing THC, it’s best to assume it will be detectable in body fluids for 1-30 days after last use. Your body mass index, water content and metabolism are other factors that can influence how long CBD stays in your system.

What CBD Product is Best for Me?

The sheer amount of CBD products available on the market today can make picking the right one for you feel like an impossible task. To narrow in on the type of product that will work best for you, first think about the results you hope to achieve. Are you hoping to soothe sore muscles and speed recovery after workouts? A topical CBD cream is probably your best bet. But if you’re looking for a CBD product to support daily health and wellness, a CBD tincture or CBD capsule that you incorporate into your morning or evening routine may help bring you the balance you’re looking for. 

At The Root of It All, we’ve worked hard to make this process as easy as possible. Our proprietary CBD is paired with Ayurvedic herbs and spices like ginger, lavender and basil to form powerful products that have a synergistic effect on everyday conditions, ranging from sleeplessness to stress to nausea. The lipid-based oils are also formulated in a unique way to bypass the digestive tract and enter the bloodstream more effectively, allowing the healing effects to set in faster. Consisting of only all-natural ingredients and nonsynthetic chemicals, The Root of It All CBD oils are vegan, gluten-free and allergy-friendly. Not only do they taste and smell great, but they are safe for everyday use or whenever you crave mind-body balance. 

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Erica Garza is an author and essayist from Los Angeles. Her writing has appeared in Time, Health, Glamour, Good Housekeeping, Women's Health, and Vice.



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