Recover - After Sport

Help your body the natural way with RECOVER, an Ayurvedic tincture amplified with CBD to promote comfort. Easy to use and a delight to the senses, RECOVER is infused with Ayurvedic ingredients traditionally used to soothe. Gluten Free, Vegan, and Allergen-free.

How to use

1125mg CBD (37.5mg CBD per serving)
A serving is 1 full dropper. Dosing may vary per person; you may take up to 2 servings per dose.
For best results, hold under tongue for at least 2 minutes for full absorption. Onset usually starts within 15-20 minutes.


Medium Chain Triglycerides, Hemp Extract, Natural Terpenes, Essential Oils(Turmeric, Black Pepper, Clove), Natural Flavors.

RECOVER - After Sport

This special blend of soothing Ayurvedic ingredients and plant-based CBD helps to promote post workout muscle health. For best results, hold under tongue for at least 2 minutes for full absorption. Up to two droppers worth may be taken at once, depending on your individual need.

Organic Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD
Organic Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD - The relaxing qualities of cannabidiol serve to amplify and support the medicinal properties of the blend, creating a powerfully potent effect.
Turmeric - Beyond simply soothing tissue, turmeric can support your body’s natural healing process.
Black Pepper
Black Pepper - When combined with other remedies, cracked black pepper has a surprising ability to soothe the body and even support muscle relaxation.
Clove - The flavonoids in the clove can help maintain optimal joint health.
RECOVER - After Sport

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